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Hair Lobby recomends the following treatments for your hair:


Prevent damage by having an Olaplex or Smartbond treat- ment.
This will ensure that your bonds are intact.


Through summer your hair loses fiber.
Profiber will leave your hair feeling strong and sealed.


For deep nourishment and anti-frizz efect, nothing better than our new botox treatment.

Hair Lobby recomends the following treatments for your skin:


The preparation of your skin consists in a deep exfoliation and hidration.
Have a body exfoliation and nourisment to prepare your skin and ensure a summer glow.


Skin loses elasticity.
So, reafirming and hydration is essencial during summer.


Following summer your skin is undernourished and un-balanced due loss of water and sun exposure.
Skin needs a peeling and renourishment.

We hope you enjoy our treatments
and being pampered by our team.

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Hair Botox
Hair Botox

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Maya Nourishment

Maya Attinello, from Canada is a nutritionist from the International Sports Science Association, USA and B.A. Social Education, Moorlands College, UK.
Mother of 2 children, triathlete and runner, she is also health and running trainer. In 2013, she started the group called Running Mums.
Her academic study and knowledge cover all aspects of health and nutrition, with the objective of helping individuals better their daily performance and movement.
Her integrative approach to health doesn’t focus exclusively on nutrition but on all factors concerning well-being.
Nourishment, Metabolism and Well – Being
Physical performance is dependent on fuel intake whether it is carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. All lifestyle habits will affect well-being, down to the body’s cellular function. It’s important to understand which foods are harmful and beneficial to each individual by evaluating nutritional goals and symptoms that could be the roots cause of illness.
How does it work?
Nutritional intervention is a crucial part of any illness treatment, weight loss plan, energy balance correction and for physical and sport performance.
Through nutritional re-education and exercise it’s possible to correct inhibiting factors such as incorrect movement, sleep patterns, stress, and food intake.

Facial Treatments


Regenerating and nourishing treatment.

Stimulate your skin metabolism and rejuvenate your look!



Reaffirming treatment.

Lipolytic action, with redution of subcutaneous fat and lifty effect at the level of flaccid areas, with filling of wrinkles.


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